Whee-yoo! Whee-yoo!

Yeah, I know that the Wii U is in dire straits right now, but that didn’t stop me from buying one on Saturday. It was my 33rd birthday, and my sister already has a PS4, so I thought “why the hell not” and tossed my money at GameStop for one. I bought the Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD bundle, which came with a code for a digital copy of Hyrule Historia (I also have the physical hardcover copy that I bought at Comic-Con last year).

As for other games, I also bought The Wonderful 101 on disc, and Unepic, Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, Game & Wario, Earthbound, NES Remix, and a trial version of Wii Sports Club (it has updated and online-capable versions of all of the original Wii Sports games at $9.99 each). And with the 20% off coupon I got from GameStop, I used it on a used copy of Persona 4 Golden. I think I’ll keep my copy of the original PlayStation 2 game, since it has a disc with the game’s soundtrack on it.

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