Grumble grumble…

Yesterday was the pits. First, my Sims 3 game apparently stopped working on me. I went to create a new house from a lot from scratch, and the game crashed after about 10 minutes of editing. I get the feeling that it might have something to do with a memory leak, since the game uses up 2 GB of RAM when it’s active (I own the base game and every expansion pack up to this point, save for the Movie Stuff pack, which I’m saving to buy once the final expansion – Into the Future – is released next month).

After that happened, I found out that I forgot to write down the keystore to my Pocket Scribe app, so I can’t update it anymore without changing the package name and uploading it as a “new” app. Luckily, I remembered not to delete any of the source code, so I can continue working on it and testing it. Of course, this means I’ll be coming off my hiatus from the project later than I had planned (I wanted to start working on it again last night, so please bear with me.

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