What I’m Playing: Week of February 10, 2013

Short version of this post: Ni no Kuni and Fire Emblem Awakening are worth every penny. Go out and buy/download them as soon as possible.

I’m actually taking a break from playing both of these games right now, because I typically do homework and studying on the weekends (something like that is much easier to do when you only have two classes to take). But since I started playing Ni no Kuni a week ago, I’ve added Esther to my party and passed the Temple of Trials, which has given her the ability to “serenade” the usually hostile enemies and have them join the party. It’s gonna be hard for me to get every last one of them on my team, but I’m damn sure going to try.

Because of some weird shipping problems with Fire Emblem: Awakening, I couldn’t fulfill my preorder when it came out last Monday. I had to download the game from the eShop, and with my home wireless connection, that can be quite the aggravating affair. I had to leave the console plugged in and left alone over the course of two days for the game to finish downloading. In any case, I have the game now, and it’s pretty much one of my go-to games on the long trip between home and work, along with Harvest Moon: A New Beginning.

So far, I just finished Chapter 4 and defeated someone in a mask who claims to be Marth (the hero of the very first Fire Emblem), but I know¬†isn’t Marth, because the “real” Marth is playable on a downloadable map that you can purchase right after clearing Chapter 4. You can also fight against and recruit other characters from Fire Emblem’s past through SpotPass (I fought and defeated Florina, since she was the easiest one on the initial list). I’m sure that by the end of the game, my team will consist of Chrom, my custom avatar, and a handful of characters from older games who don’t have any stake in Awakening’s storyline, just for the coolness factor of being able to have Marth and Roy on my team again.

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