Harvest Moon: A Slow Beginning

I’ve concluded that it takes precisely two weeks and one day (in-game) for Harvest Moon: A New Beginning to start getting interesting.

Assuming that there’s some linearity to the first batch of story events, you get to meet Iroha, the first eligible bachelorette (Neil is the first available eligible bachelor if you’re playing the game as a girl, and he shows up about a week earlier), who gives you an axe and hammer. In most other HM games, they come with your standard set of tools, but at least now I can start chopping down the trees that have suddenly sprung up all over my farm. Luckily, the round leaf trees go down with just one chop, so I can stock up on lumber for…I have no friggin’ idea.

Also, the Harvest Sprites have shown up for the first time! There are only two of them in this game: Aaron and Alice. Alice seems to want to make a game out of searching the town for “music scripts” that can be played on the tree stumps out by the river. If I play the right ones, they’ll open up new areas for me to explore (so she says). I found the first script inside Dunhill’s house, and that only opened up  a mushroom shortcut in the forest on a path I don’t normally take. Hopefully the next one I find will take me somewhere useful, like a mine. I could really go for some ores right about now…

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