10000000 Achievements! …Okay, There’s Really Only 14

10,000,000 (commas added for clarity), a hybrid match-3-puzzle/RPG/endless runner game was released on the Apple App Store in August of 2012, and then a few months later for PCs through Steam. Seeing as I still don’t yet have an iDevice for gaming, I went ahead and bought the Steam version after hearing lots of good things about the iOS version…and also because it seemed like an easy chance to publish another new achievement guide, something I haven’t done in months.

Most of these achievements are pretty straightforward, but the ones that involve scoring 10,000,000 points on difficulty levels other than Hero gave me some trouble (I think I spent almost half my total playing time trying to get “The Jose”, which requires a score of 10 mil on Explorer). If you’re interested, you can also browse the achievement list from the Steam client by visiting here.

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