Trying Too Hard – Torchlight II Elite Hardcore Engineer Video #2

I ran into some problems with this second video… My computer froze up for some unknown reason at three separate points during recording, so I had to cut out a few parts of the video to get rid of some “dead air”. After that, I found out that Xfire only allows uploaded videos to run under 10 minutes (although you can record for any length of time), so I’m pretty much restricted to putting everything up on YouTube. I suppose I can live with that.

Anyway, Willy the Engineer has leveled up from 3 to 5, and acquired a somewhat useful Shield Bash ability while traipsing around the skeleton-infested Path of the Honored Dead. Had to send my pet back to town a couple of times, since I forgot to stop up on potions while I was in the Enclave.

There seems to be a side quest dungeon nearby. What could be inside…?

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