Trying Too Hard – Torchlight II Elite Hardcore Engineer Video #1

After finishing off my playthrough of Hyperdimension Neptunia, I figured I’d start off 2013 by testing out the video recorder on Xfire to take some gameplay footage. ¬†Torchlight II seemed like the perfect candidate for my first “real” YouTube video, and as a challenge to myself, I’m going to try playing through as much of the game as I can on Elite difficulty using a “hardcore” character (in gaming parlance, “hardcore” means that once your character is killed, you don’t get revived, and you can never use that character again).

Note that this isn’t a traditional “Let’s Play” video, as I didn’t record any audio commentary for it, and don’t plan on doing so for any of the others. I’d rather let my skills (or lack thereof) do the talking for me…though I will probably add annotations in the future, because some of this stuff can be hard to read at times.

This first video starts off easy enough, as my engineer (unimaginatively named “Willy”) plows through Echo Pass to deliver a message to the Estherian refugee camp, all while slaughtering hordes of vicious Ratlins. Why they want to kill me, I have no idea.

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