The Sims 4 Legacy Challenge – Chapter 1: The Starving Author

The Sims 4 has only been out in the wild for one-and-a-half weeks, but there’s already a Legacy Challenge going. I wanted to put my challenge up on YouTube as a traditional Let’s Play video series, but my computer can’t record the video at a decent resolution without frames skipping all over the place, so I’ll have to do my version as a text-and-screenshot series.

My family’s founder will be Penny Williams, a Creative and Geeky young Bookworm who aspires to be a Bestselling Author. The family is being set up as a merit-based modern matriarchy (in challenge terms, that means women will be the heads of the household, and the daughter with the most completed lifetime aspirations becomes the heir for the next generation). 1,800 Simoleons isn’t much to work with, but if I play my cards right, I cam make that back in the span of a single work week. So, without further ado, let’s start the first generation of the Williams family’s story.

WARNING: These posts will contain a lot of high-resolution images. Those with slow connections or limited data caps should take care when reading. Continue reading

Helen’s Mysterious Castle Playthrough – Episode 2: Griffons and Harpies and Ghosts! Oh My!

Helen’s journey continues as she fights her way past ghosts, zombies, harpies, and more mummies to explore the deeper parts of the mysterious castle she finds herself in.

Oh, and there’s a strange-looking hero with a head almost as big as the rest of his body. You can’t explain that!

There’s a room on a certain floor of the castle with two treasure chests, and you can only choose to take one of the treasures with you. In this mini-episode, I show you what was in the chest I didn’t take on my main adventure.


Helen’s Mysterious Castle Playthrough – Episode 1: Ruins Are Meant to Be Explored!

I’m back up to my old tricks again. I recorded another video, this time of a neat little RPG Maker 2000 (yes, some designers still use that tool) game called Helen’s Mysterious Castle. It’s available now on the Playism store for two bucks, so go ahead and pick it up! Oh, and watch the embedded video for tips, of course.

This video does contain annotations, but it looks like you can only view those if you’re watching the video from your PC.

Emphasizing the “video” in “video games”

It seems my internet connection is finally stable enough for me to start streaming video games again. In spite of the rules changes due to its impending buyout by Google, I’ve decided to keep my channel open (though I deleted many of my old videos because they’re likely to get taken down after a while anyway). I also opened up a account as an alternative just in case things got too crazy. Here’s how things are going to work:

  • My game livestreaming doesn’t have a set schedule. It usually depends on weather conditions and whether or not I’m in the mood to play something.
  • I don’t own any specialized capture cards, so I can only stream/record PC games for now.
  • I’ll only stream games that don’t require me to be online at all times so as to keep connection interruptions to a minimum (so no Hearthstone, World of Warcraft, WildStar, or any games of that nature…sorry).
  • Before I start a livestream, I’ll post a link to either my Twitch or Hitbox channel via Twitter (my audience is larger there than on my Facebook page, and I prefer to keep my Facebook posting strictly between me and my real-life friends).
  • Any highlights from those streams will be posted on my YouTube channel a day or two after I’ve had the chance to edit them. This is also where I’ll post general-purpose game videos.
  • I do have a microphone, but I generally don’t use it unless there are others in the chatroom.

I’m not sure yet what I’ll use for my next game, but I’ll definitely try to post something next week. Stay tuned!

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