Something out of a before/after photo

Juliette’s second week begins, and her training regimen appears to be going well. Having reached the halfway point of her fitness goals, she’s learned how to craft energizing protein shakes. She also decides that in order to help herself maintain her figure, she decides to befriend like-minded Sims, such as her across-the-street neighbor, Summer Holiday.

Shaking it up with Donna and Summer.
Shaking it up with Donna and Summer.

Neither Summer nor Donna are interested in Juliette’s shakes, but Julie keeps practicing her mixing skills until she is finally able to get that promotion.

While on one of her off-day workouts at the gym, she meets Mitchell Beckman, an infrequent visitor to the gym in Oasis Springs. The two have a brief meeting at Julie’s place, and they hit it off very quickly.

In real life, this would probably happen the other way around.
In real life, this would probably happen the other way around.

On that same day, the bills arrive, and Juliette is forced to sell her rare Zombie Carl MySims figure and her old kitchen countertop to help keep the lights and water on.

Juliette hates any kind of bills that don't begin with the word "dollar."
Juliette hates any kind of bills that don’t begin with the word “dollar.”

She wants to write a book about her fitness experience, but without any experience, all she can do is write children’s novels. She doesn’t expect Buffy Bunny to be a hit, but if it raises her profile, she believes she will be quite happy.

"This will be the best, cutest, and most informative book about bunnies ever written!"
“This will be the best, cutest, and most informative book about bunnies ever written!”

Eventually, she gets her promotion, which brings her a brand new coffee pot and a new challenge: make the best damn grilled cheese sandwich around. Her cooking skill isn’t quite up to the task yet, but she replaces her old stove with something a bit more useful for everyday cooking.

From statuesque to picturesque.
From statuesque to picturesque.

On Saturday, Zoe invites Juliette over to her house for a moment. While Juliette can’t stay long, she does take a bit of time to show off her improved body to Zoe. Later that day, she calls Mitchell over to her house and asks him on a date. After some early awkward conversation, Julie is able to quickly turn things around and make Mitch her boyfriend.

A passionate kiss is a powerful weapon.
A passionate kiss is a powerful weapon.

Carving my own Sims 4 legacy

I’d initially made a post about my participation in The Sims 4 Legacy Challenge, but I decided against it about a week later, both due to some undisclosed technical issues and because I’ve decided I’d like to take the challenge in a different direction.

Rather than demolishing the lot of the richest house in Willow Creek or Oasis Springs, I instead chose to build a house on an empty lot using every last Simoleon in my chosen Sim’s bank account. I included a room with a weight machine, a treadmill, and a punching bag since my main Sim wants to be a Bodybuilder. Of course, I managed to fill my house with everything my Sim could need, except for the kitchen sink (insert pun here).

Keep chugging those energy drinks,'re gonna need 'em.
Keep chugging those energy drinks, Julie…you’re gonna need ‘em.

So Juliette Maxwell, my main Sim, starts off the first week in her newly-constructed house dead broke and bloated, but she puts off her job search for a few moments to start on her ultimate quest to burn the body fat she’s built up from being a Foodie. That hasn’t stopped her from wanting to join the Culinary career, though.

Juli goes for a jog.
Julie goes for a jog.

Unlike previous Sims games, cooking food costs money, regardless of whether or not you have enough ingredients for the recipe you want to cook. Realizing this, Juliette goes digging around town for things to sell. She finds some Hematite in her backyard, but instead of selling it, decides to keep it near her weight room for the Energetic aura it gives off.

While working to reach her fitness goals, she makes friends with Zoe Patel, a Cheerful and Clumsy Goofball who somehow looks a lot more in shape than Juliette could ever hope to be.

check out her house.
Julie invites Zoe over to check out her house. (Note the missing kitchen sink.)

The next day, Juliette goes to work for the first time. As a lowly Dishwasher, her boss wants her to wash some dishes at home. Without an actual kitchen sink, she’s forced to use the bathroom for her dish work. What she failed to realize is that the job takes place from 4 PM to 1 AM, forcing her to sleep until late in the daytime each night.

This is why it's a good idea to look for a job with a daytime shift.
This is why it’s a good idea to look for a job with a daytime shift.

Fortunately, the money she earned from the previous night’s work allows her to purchase that sink her house had been missing, with the remainder to practice her cooking craft.

And now, this house is officially a home.
And now, this house is officially a home.

Juliette continues to work both on her job and her body until she gets promoted to Head Dishwasher. She no longer has to actually wash dishes to be considered for her next promotion, but for some reason, her boss wants her to learn how to mix drinks.

The flab's still there, but at least it's toned now.
The flab’s still there, but at least it’s toned now.

Juliette doesn’t yet have enough money to install a bar in her home, so she goes out to the library to read up on the subject, since the bartenders aren’t keen on turning over their jobs to untested rookies.

EVERYTHING nowadays.
They have books on EVERYTHING nowadays.

Fortunately, her neighbors across the street were not bound to the same stipulations, and thus allowed her to “borrow” their bar for a few moments. She didn’t know if any of them were real juice drinkers; she just wanted the practical experience.

When your neighbors have a bar, everyone has a good time.
When your neighbors have a bar, everyone has a good time.

It would take one more night’s work for Juliette to earn enough money to actually own her own bar, but she’d have to wait until next week to move up in the world and start putting her cooking talents to good use.

Helen’s Mysterious Castle Playthrough – Episode 2: Griffons and Harpies and Ghosts! Oh My!

Helen’s journey continues as she fights her way past ghosts, zombies, harpies, and more mummies to explore the deeper parts of the mysterious castle she finds herself in.

Oh, and there’s a strange-looking hero with a head almost as big as the rest of his body. You can’t explain that!

There’s a room on a certain floor of the castle with two treasure chests, and you can only choose to take one of the treasures with you. In this mini-episode, I show you what was in the chest I didn’t take on my main adventure.


Helen’s Mysterious Castle Playthrough – Episode 1: Ruins Are Meant to Be Explored!

I’m back up to my old tricks again. I recorded another video, this time of a neat little RPG Maker 2000 (yes, some designers still use that tool) game called Helen’s Mysterious Castle. It’s available now on the Playism store for two bucks, so go ahead and pick it up! Oh, and watch the embedded video for tips, of course.

This video does contain annotations, but it looks like you can only view those if you’re watching the video from your PC.

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