Final Fantasy XIV: 30 Days in Eorzea, Final Days

I didn’t get a chance to transfer Day 27’s video over to YouTube due to technical difficulties. My connection dropped two minutes into my stream, and apparently YouTube can’t (or won’t) handle videos that suffer connection issues, and even when I tried to “highlight” the non-offending part, it still wouldn’t work, so the 30 Days of Eorzea series is going to be missing at least one episode.

For the last few days of my trial, I decided to go and dabble in Alchemy and Weaving while in Limsa Lominsa, as they’re also good supplemental jobs for my Conjurer, and I couldn’t learn them while I was in Gridania. My moderately good Botany skill should allow me to obtain some of the ingredients I need to make some of the lower-level potions and other alchemy supplements. After my trial ended, I warped to Ul’dah to learn the ways of the Pugilist in order to work toward becoming a Bard once my Archery level is high enough. Theoretically, I COULD take on every job in the game, but I’m already pretty heavily worked as it is. Unfortunately, I’ve already missed out on two days of play since my subscription started due to family issues, but I should hopefully be able to get my grind back on tomorrow.

Final Fantasy XIV: 30 Days in Eorzea, Days 25 and 26

I felt that I couldn’t keep myself confined to Gridania if I ever wanted to get anywhere, so I decided to teleport myself over to Limsa Lohmisa to nudge the story ever-so-slightly forward. I think I’m starting to regret traveling by Teleport instead of by airship, because I get the feeling I could have saved time (if not money) doing it the old fashioned way. I suppose it doesn’t matter much, since there are potential new quests and levequests to be found. Unfortunately, a lot of them can be skipped at my current levels, since they’re only level 1 and my classes are around level 15-20. Fortunately, it doesn’t matter what class I’m using when I turn in for a quest reward so long as my level is high enough to accept the quest in the first place. So, with some creative class juggling, I can power up my less-used classes without actually using them (sort of like the trick you can use in the Pokemon series to quickly level up your weaker Pokemon).

Day 25:

Day 26:

Final Fantasy XIV: 30 Days in Eorzea, Days 23 and 24

I got kicked off the server again on Day 23, a little while after I completed my Rank 1 Archer hunting targets. Fortunately, the connectivity issues were fixed the next day, and I was able to resume my adventure as normal. However, because I was outside of a safe zone before I got booted off on Friday night, my character had to be revived back in town.

Day 23:

Day 24:

Final Fantasy XIV: 30 Days in Eorzea, Day 22

I didn’t get to play as much as I wanted last night, as I got caught up in a wave of DDoS attacks and got kicked offline before I could make it to 30 minutes. Still, I got a chance to raise my Botanist level slightly…up to 14. I just hope things go a little better for my next session ,as I only have eight more of these to go before I need to pay up.

Final Fantasy XIV: 30 Days in Eorzea, Day 21

Day 21 was more of the same. Now I’m a level 9 archer and a level 14 botanist, and I still don’t have enough armor to make a full set for my archer build. I should be able to remedy this once I gain access to the market and gain the ability to sell the creations I make from carpentry (and perhaps blacksmithing or goldsmithing later.)

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