Final Fantasy XIV: 30 Days in Eorzea, Days 25 and 26

I felt that I couldn’t keep myself confined to Gridania if I ever wanted to get anywhere, so I decided to teleport myself over to Limsa Lohmisa to nudge the story ever-so-slightly forward. I think I’m starting to regret traveling by Teleport instead of by airship, because I get the feeling I could have saved time (if not money) doing it the old fashioned way. I suppose it doesn’t matter much, since there are potential new quests and levequests to be found. Unfortunately, a lot of them can be skipped at my current levels, since they’re only level 1 and my classes are around level 15-20. Fortunately, it doesn’t matter what class I’m using when I turn in for a quest reward so long as my level is high enough to accept the quest in the first place. So, with some creative class juggling, I can power up my less-used classes without actually using them (sort of like the trick you can use in the Pokemon series to quickly level up your weaker Pokemon).

Day 25:

Day 26:

Final Fantasy XIV: 30 Days in Eorzea, Days 23 and 24

I got kicked off the server again on Day 23, a little while after I completed my Rank 1 Archer hunting targets. Fortunately, the connectivity issues were fixed the next day, and I was able to resume my adventure as normal. However, because I was outside of a safe zone before I got booted off on Friday night, my character had to be revived back in town.

Day 23:

Day 24:

Final Fantasy XIV: 30 Days in Eorzea, Day 22

I didn’t get to play as much as I wanted last night, as I got caught up in a wave of DDoS attacks and got kicked offline before I could make it to 30 minutes. Still, I got a chance to raise my Botanist level slightly…up to 14. I just hope things go a little better for my next session ,as I only have eight more of these to go before I need to pay up.

Final Fantasy XIV: 30 Days in Eorzea, Day 21

Day 21 was more of the same. Now I’m a level 9 archer and a level 14 botanist, and I still don’t have enough armor to make a full set for my archer build. I should be able to remedy this once I gain access to the market and gain the ability to sell the creations I make from carpentry (and perhaps blacksmithing or goldsmithing later.)

Final Fantasy XIV: 30 Days in Eorzea, Day 20

I could technically do more work as a Conjurer, but I don’t think I’d gain too many more levels after 20 until my subscription, so I chose to start from the bottom again as an Archer. This allowed me to do some of the lower-level levequests without penalty (I was warned that I’d LOSE experience points if I attempted them with my at-the-time level 13 Conjurer). Of course, this meant I had to fight some low-level monsters again, but it gave me an idea how to handle a non-magical class. I can attack somewhat faster as an Archer and deal more damage per second relative to my level, but I lose access to most of my Conjurer skills (although I am allowed to use cross-class skills; I did the obvious thing and chose Cure, but it doesn’t work nearly as well when I’m not a Conjurer, and it hasn’t kept me from dying).

The weird thing about switching classes is that you gain levels quite a bit faster when you’re using a class at a level below your highest class. I managed to get my Archery skills from level 1 all the way up to level 7 in less than an hour.

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